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Self and Self Discovery


About This Course

The greatest influence on my thinking is my sense of self, my sense of identity or the awareness of Who I am. In this module, we explore how our sense of self influences the state of mind, the quality of thoughts and feelings and how a change in our sense of self can create a beautiful state of mind.

We aim to allow every participant in our courses to master the content of our courses. Mastery and becoming more expert is more than a matter of acquiring skills but must also include an understanding of how experts think: how they work through difficulties, how they make judgments about quality, how they identify problems, the decision-making processes they employ, and so on.

The Developing Understanding module, which is part of the Visible Thinking initiative, helps students delve into the complexities involved in directing one's own learning for understanding. The Understanding module aims to:

  • Increase your appreciation for what is involved in developing understanding – as opposed to merely working to remember knowledge and skills.
  • Develop your awareness of occasions when it is important to invest time and energy in working to understand something.
  • Provide you with strategies that you can use to develop your own understanding.
  • Engage you in reflection and communication that fosters the thinking skills involved in developing understanding.


This course is a standalone course available and open to anyone.

This module is designed as a 2-week course. You can start at anytime during the period it is available and go through the content at your own pace.

Course Staff

Course Staff Image #1

Sister Jayanti Kirpalani, Director, Brahma Kumaris Europe & Middle East

As European Director of BKWSU, Sister Jayanti has been a spiritual leader and teacher for over 50 years and has dedicated her life to meditation, spiritual study, self-transformation and service to humanity.

She is a pioneer advocate for the spiritual basis of caring for the earth and has been the Brahma Kumaris' main presenter at the UN COP Climate Change Conferences since 2009.

Course Staff Image #2

Charlie Hogg, National Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres Inc

Charlie Hogg has practised meditation for more than 45 years. From his own experience he believes meditation is an extraordinary tool to maintain mental, emotional and spiritual health in a world increasingly challenged by anxiety, stress and depression.

Charlie grew up in Melbourne and studied Architecture at Melbourne University but his lifelong interest in spirituality and philosophy meant that he left his architectural studies and traveled through Asia, the Middle East and Europe. During this time he lived in a variety of communities including Buddhist, Christian, and Sikh, Muslim, Hindu, Taoist and more.

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